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I have a little garden in Rozelle about 5km from the centre of Sydney. I love to grow as much organic food as I can in a tiny space. The garden calms and excites me, and is a wonderful little green space in a big city. This blog is a record plotting the changes over seasons and years.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lemongrass shaping

The garden task today was pruning the lemongrass. A while back I replaced the formal style Lilly Pillys, as they were needing pruning every other week. I hesitated for years (mainly because everyone I mentioned it to, was negative about pulling out the lovely green ball headed things). It has been a great success. They are in a very sunny position and look good all year round. It has provided much more growing room for veggies as the roots of the previous plants were greedy and far reaching. 

In summer they go crazy and need a haircut about half way through (now). They are super easy to prune and can look quite good with a very severe chop (in a spiky dramatic sort of way). 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Welcome bees!

A few months ago I planted some lovely broccoli plants. I looked after them well, feeding them and checking for bugs. I noticed their lovely little florets emerge. And then I got distracted. In what seemed like a day, they had all gone to flower. I had a decision to make. Either chop the flowering heads off and let the side shoots emerge, or just let them go! I did the latter. I decided to let them flower their little hearts out. Why? For the bees.

The macadamia tree is starting to flower and it always benefits from extra bees, and the back garden is lacking bee attracting plants at the moment, so it was good timing. Do I think this is a waste of a good broccoli plant? No, not at all! Just a different use.