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I have a little garden in Rozelle about 5km from the centre of Sydney. I love to grow as much organic food as I can in a tiny space. The garden calms and excites me, and is a wonderful little green space in a big city. This blog is a record plotting the changes over seasons and years.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Watermelon for a tiny backyard

Last year was a big one. On the up side, I handed in my PhD thesis after 5 years of work. On the down side, the garden had to survive on very little input from me. After a fantastic bushwalking holiday in Tasmania (January) we returned to some lovely produce. Certainly not the volumes or variety of previous years, but food nonetheless. Tomatoes, eggplant and chillies for now. And watermelon, capsicum, sweet potato, silverbeet and persimmon coming along nicely.

One of the most pleasant surprises has been the watermelon. My 10 year old desperately wanted to grow watermelon, despite my reservations. I chose a space saving variety from Diggers club. Here are the results so far.

This watermelon lives up to its name - Sugar Baby. It really is a baby. This is 4 plants and they have not taken over the garden. I was worried with memories of a previous watermelon vine covering the garden, deck and footpath.
Here is one of the fruit growing. The fruit are only about 15cm across when mature.
Another tiny (and very cute) fruit.


Jo said...

Oh, congrats on PhD, I know second hand how hard it is - one of my friends has just finished hers, and helped with the editing.
I do love the baby watermelons, and am tempted to give them a try next year. Do you have a watering system to keep them watered while you are away?
Where in Tassie did you go bushwalking?
It's lovely to see you back posting:)

Jo said...

Lanie, I am reentering the blogosphere after years away. Congratulations to you on submitting that PhD, and on your watermelons. I hope you feel liberated by the former (I submitted my PhD 15 years ago and I still remember the feeling) and nourished by the latter!